Search Engine Optimization – Secrets Of SEO Part Four

This is where you can become very busy and so I’m going to break it down into short sections.

Submitting Your Site to the SERPS

This is the first step to getting your site recognized by the search engines! There are free and paid ways you can submit your site to 100s of search engines with the click of a button.

The Free Way –

Here you simply input your sites URL and it will submit to over 40+ search engines. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Free Webmaster Tools


The Paid Way –
SubmitEdge offers a variety of link building services and they are worth checking out! You can submit your site to 200+ search engines for $29 with no work on your part.

Submit Edge

 If your budget permits, this is a GREAT idea; it gets those spiders crawling your site!

Super Linkbuilding

Building links is also known as “Off-Page SEO”. It’s all about the links, in most cases; the site with the most links will win in an SEO battle! Provided that the site is optimized for that certain keyword and followed all the On-Page SEO criteria.

How to Build Links & Use Anchor Text

You want to build your links in a way that looks natural to the search engines. I would say about 10 – 20 links per day will do.

Now about your anchor text, for those who don’t know what anchor text is, here is the definition right from Wikipedia:

“The anchor text, link label or link title is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. The words contained in the Anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will receive by search engines.”

You want to alternate your keywords for anchor text (if that made sense) so the keyword usage for anchor text would look something like this:

Keyword #1: Use 70% of the time for anchor text
Keyword #2: Use 20% of the time
Keyword #3: Use 10% of the time
Keyword #4: Use 5% of the time
Keyword #5: Use 5% of the time

Now you don’t have to go by those numbers exactly but close to it will make sure that the search engine bots don’t recognize your site for spamming for one keyword, with the sole intention of ranking for a certain keyword.

The really fun stuff starts in the next section. Be patient!


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