About John Coates

John CoatesHaving moved from rainy Manchester, England to Barcelona in 2000, John is now fortunate to live in the south of Spain.

Originally John is from Hull (move east from Manchester until the motorway stops!) where his two sons still live.

An interesting and varied career (well maybe not career as that sounds planned) eventually brought him to his involvement with Internet marketing.

John first started work (many, many years ago) in theatre stage management, moving into administrative management via local government, civil service, children’s playschemes and direct sales. As already mentioned, John didn’t plan, more drifted from one thing to another but always trying to find the best and enjoy the experience.

He moved to Barcelona because his wife had been offered promotion with her job. It meant John didn’t have a job when he first arrived. A little bit challenging especially as he didn’t speak the language (ahem, he hasn’t improved much on that score!) but after three months he was fortunate to get a position with the world’s largest financial institution.

Sounds grand doesn’t it – it was a call centre! But needs must as they say and he managed to “bluff” his way into a middle management position after some time.

Now then…tissues at the ready….

John then experienced a period of two years when life turned upside down. His mother was diagnosed with cancer, eventually proving to be terminal, which meant a couple of long visits back to England. Those visits had to stop when he was also diagnosed with cancer, resulting in an operation on his colon followed by six months of chemotherapy!

A few weeks after that, depression hit.  He came through that and went back to work. During this difficult time, the silver lining on the edges of this dark cloud proved to be the birth of his daughter, Anya. (Revealed in the book – more here…..)

Back at the job, John spent a lot of time twiddling his thumbs because, in his absence his department had disappeared. Then the world’s financial crisis hit. Eventually John was offered the option to part company with his employer and he saw this as an opportunity to take control of his own destiny.

Hundreds (and more) of dollars later, John eventually found his niche within Internet Marketing although it was no simple journey.

Shortly after starting he found his email box overflowing, totally overwhelmed with too much information and with no clear direction.

Struggling to make any money online, John decided to turn to offering support services to other marketers and very soon found he was in demand.

This offered him with the opportunity to not only put his customer service skills to good use but gave him access to information others were paying for.

His customer service skills so impressed one of his clients that he now supports their in-depth coaching program and has been recommended to other clients.

His own online education continues and John strives to share his new found knowledge with as many people as possible.