Search Engine Optimization – Part Eight

September 14, 2012

Search Engine Optimization

Welcome back to the final instalment on search engine optimization.

In Part Seven of this series we ended by looking at articles as a means of creating backlinks to your website.

We’ll continue that topic in Part Eight with:

Yahoo Answers

This is another quick and easy way to build links to your site, I personally don’t use this method anymore because it requires more work and plus Yahoo changes their terms, like every week!

Be careful with this though, Yahoo is prone to catching on if there are too many posts, i.e. your questions/answers.


Everyone knows about Squidoo and how well their pages rank in Google. Take the power of these pages to get your own site ranked in the SERPS!

Setup your profile and create Squidoo pages based around your keywords so that your pages will not only give you a link back but also rank for the keyword you are targeting.

EDU Links

.EDU and .GOV links are like gold because Google loves them! This shows that you are linking to a reputable site and therefore builds your authority.

Many .edu web pages are blogs created by college students from the school. You can do a simple Google search, like so:

New Picture (1)

You can copy/paste this code into Google search and find a bunch of related .edu blogs to comment on. Be sure to make your comments informative or entertaining! “your niche” + blog


This is another easy way to build “do follow” links on a high page rank site! You would simply create a profile and list your sites in your profile with your keyword as the anchor text!

Flickr – The Secret Sauce!

I call this the secret sauce because not too many know that you can get high page rank, do follow links from Flickr and other photo sharing sites!

To gain a link from Flickr you would simply upload a picture and make the alt text your target keyword. That is too easy, NOT to do! If you look at all the MySpace graphics sites that are making six figures with the Google Adsense, you will notice that all of their links come from photo sharing sites!

List of Safe Automation Tools

It’s important to use as many automation tools as possible. You can only do so much and if you have software automating some of your tasks, you can get more stuff done and increase your PROFITS!

Here is a list of tools you will find very useful!

1. SENuke –

New Picture (2)

This is my #1 recommendation! This software is heaven sent; you can submit your content to over a dozen social networking, web 2.0 sites with the click of a button.

Not only that…it will also social bookmark any content you may have and submit your videos to the major video sharing sites. If you were to buy any software for your search engine efforts it would be this!

2. Bookmarking Demon –

New Picture (3)

This is an automated social bookmarking tool; it creates accounts and submits your sites to social bookmarking sites all on autopilot! Be careful with this though; do not abuse its power!

3. JetSubmitter –

New Picture (4)

This is server based software that will submit unique articles to over 600 article directories. The great thing about this is, you have no interaction with the submission of each article – it works on the web in the background.
One other perk is that it will submit a different version of your article to each article directory. Visit the site for a FULL video explanation!

4. ArticlePostRobot –

New Picture (5)

This software submits to all the TOP article directories and then some, but it is pretty pricey. I included it in this list so you can pick and choose which software matches your business!
I recommend using JetSubmitter, hands down!

5. CommentKahuna –

New Picture (6)

In the blog commenting section, I explained how valuable commenting on other blogs can be for your SEO efforts and branding awareness. This software finds and automates most of the commenting for you, so you can get more done, FASTER!

6. Need An Article –

New Picture (7)

Okay so this is not so much an automation tool but it’s an outsourcing resource where you can get articles written in most cases less than 24 hours! These are written by humans and not robots, so the quality is usually GREAT!

Tracking Your Results

It is very important to track your results so that you can not only gain the motivation to keep going but to see where your traffic is actually coming from!

You may be ranking for keywords and yet have no idea why. I usually check my stats to see where most of my traffic is coming from and I will come up with ways to increase the traffic from that source. If you’re not tracking your results how will you know how to improve the SEO on your site?

To track all your traffic I recommend:

Google Analytics –

This is hands down the BEST tracking software you will find on the net plus it’s FREE. If you’re not using Google Analytics, there is something terribly wrong. This should be in every internet marketer’s toolbox!

Your Action Plan!

If you only take away one thing from these posts on SEO, it should be this action plan; after reviewing it you will never think that SEO is a hard task!

This is the same process I go through when setting up a new site! If you follow this brain dead simple process you will be ranking in the SERPS in no TIME!

1. Keyword Research
2. Check Your On-Page factors
3. Create a Linkbuilding campaign – choose from the huge list of Linkbuilding methods I outlined in these posts!

Well there you have it! I hope you’ve enjoyed this series, but most importantly I hoped you learned something.

If you follow all of these techniques to a “T” and add your own flavor to it, there isn’t any keyword that you cannot rank for!

To your continued success.

SEO Resources

I just wanted to list some websites and blogs you can use to increase your SEO knowledge. You will never know everything there is to know about SEO, but you can sure TRY!

It’s important to continually grow your expertise in this area!

If you want to learn more about SEO, here are a few notable sites:


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