Search Engine Optimization – Part Seven

September 8, 2012

Search Engine Optimization

Welcome to part seven of Search Engine Optimization.

Continuing with building backlinks.

3 Way Link Networks

There’s a lot of skepticism about as to whether 3 way link networks work or not. Some of you are probably asking…”What is a 3 way link network?”

Simply put, you will input your site into a network where other sites can link to yours and vice versa. This builds links on each other’s pages but you will never link to the same site (hope that made sense!). So all the while your site is continuously building Backlinks without you lifting a finger.

The 3 way link networks that I recommend is:

New Picture (12)

This network was built by a very good SEO expert and internet marketer named Jon Leger.

Social Bookmarking

This is an easy way to get Backlinks to your site. Although it’s been around for a while most of the buzz is dying down, but it is still effective if you choose the right sites to bookmark your site to.

It’s not a good idea to spam the social bookmarking sites but you want to create as many accounts as you can.

Create accounts and follow the instructions for each social bookmarking service. You can’t make a mistake here. All you want is to have your site “in there”. You can’t specify anchor text; so it’s strictly just your site, a description and some tags.

I will provide a list of some software you can use in the next and final part, plus I’ll give you a solid action plan! In the meantime pick up a free copy of Web 2.0 Stampede. Although it’s a couple of years old, you will find further information regarding social bookmarking and a whole lot more.


We all know about submitting articles to article directories, you would simply create an informative article based around the keyword you are targeting.

You want to submit your article to the TOP 7 article directories because they have high pagerank and can build the authority of your site!

Here are the TOP 7 article directories:

1. EzineArticles (

New Picture (13)

2. Amazines (

New Picture (14)

3. Article Alley (

New Picture (15)

4. Article City (

New Picture (16)

5. Article Click (

New Picture (17)

6. Article Rich (

New Picture (18)

7. Article Trader (

New Picture (19)

Now, submitting articles to these article directories is fine and dandy but you always want to maximize your efforts and spread your content to as many sites as possible so you gain more authority on the web!

There is a new form of article marketing that’s jumped on the scene. There are several networks these days that will take your article and post it to hundreds of blogs/websites.

The great thing about this is that you can spread your links and content across hundreds of related blogs, which looks good in Google’s eyes. The key here is to write quality articles so that these blog owners will approve of your content. They will most likely approve, since they need more content on their blogs.

Here are a couple of article syndicate networks:

OK, that’s enough for this part.

Part eight will be the last one. I’ll see you then.

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