Search Engine Optimization – Part Six

August 24, 2012

Search Engine Optimization

Hi and welcome back.

Moving on from where we left off the last time, when we were looking at building links.

Software Directories

When you list a software application on a software directory website, most of the time they will give a link back to your site for more information about the software.

Most of these software directories have a pagerank of 2, 3, 4 and 5. Once you tap into some of their link power, it will skyrocket your site!

So you’re probably thinking, how can you create a piece of software for each of your sites?

Here I will show you how to create software and submit it to the different software directories so that you will gain some high Page Rank Backlinks.

We will be creating simple toolbars that people can use in their internet browsers. These toolbars can be branded with your website and a link can be embedded within the toolbar also.

People will go to these high traffic software directories looking for free software and they will find your toolbar, but most importantly you will gain a link to your site!

So here’s the step by step:

1. First we want to create the toolbar, which we will do at

One Company


2. When you get there simply go to “Get Started” it should be in the upper right hand corner. Next, you will sign up for an account and make sure the name of your toolbar is the keyword you are targeting

3. After completing the form, create your toolbar…just add the keyword you are targeting and a link to your site in the toolbar, like so:

Residual Income

As you can see I’m targeting the keyword “Residual Income Opportunity” and that’s how simple your toolbar can be.

4. Now that you’ve created your toolbar, you want to download your toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Simply click on “Account” in the menu bar and look for your “Hosted Domain” this is where your toolbar will be hosted.

For example the URL is:

Residual Income

Right-click on “Download Toolbar” for the Firefox version, if you are using Firefox. Do the same to download the Internet Explorer version.

5. After downloading you want to create a PAD file so you can submit to the software directories. I would go over how to do this but I want to stay on the topic of getting TRAFFIC!

I think that’s enough to keep you going for now.

Until the next time!

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