Search Engine Optimization – Secrets of SEO Part 2

Now that we’ve covered the basics here we can really dig deep into the content of Search Engine Optimization!

The following process of keyword research is foolproof! The reason I say that is because most people complain that SEO doesn’t work and that it takes a long time before you can see results.

That is only true when you’re targeting the WRONG keywords!

If you’re going for keywords that have a gazillion competitors of course you’re not going to get results, the odds are against you. So what you should do is focus on the low-hanging fruit.

This way you will get quicker results and get traffic! These keywords will have average traffic but if you’re targeting 3 or 4 it can add up really quick! There is close to 20 steps in this keyword research system. It may seem overwhelming at first but it works 100% of the time!

Alright, so let’s get into it!

1. Use Google Keyword Tool to do your keyword research for SEO, they are the most accurate and receive the most traffic out of all the search engines on the net!

We will enter our main keyword which is “forex trading” (without quotes). You will end up with about 200 keywords.


Go to the end of each section and “Add all…” you want to add all the keywords to the right side so you can export them. (You can add more search variations to come up with more keywords if you like.)

2. You want to export them as a text file shown below:

It should open as a text file, leave it open for now.

3. Log into your Google Adwords account. If you do not have an Adwords account it is crucial that you get one setup immediately! Simple visit the Adwords signup page.

4. Next, log into your Adwords account and find the “Tools” link in the toolbar. Go to “Traffic Estimator”

5. Enter all the keywords from the .txt file you downloaded from Google keyword tool. You will also have to enter what countries you are trying to get traffic from. Next, you will simply click “Continue”

6. Now the “Traffic Estimator” has given you a lot of data, but we are NOT concerned with that at this point. All you have to do now is click “Download as .csv”.

7. This will return yet another Notepad file, don’t worry about what it looks like you will just be copying and pasting it. Yes, it will look like this:

8. Next you will need to grab this free software called “Keyword Corral” so you can analyze these keywords and see which ones have low competition!

9. After you’ve downloaded the software save each of the notepad files to your desktop, name them something you can remember.

10. Next you will open “Keyword Corral” and click “Open source file” and select the notepad file you downloaded from Google’s Traffic Estimator, should be named estimates.csv

Once you do that, it will list all your keywords and now by selecting a group of keyword you can get the competition of each. Hold CTRL and click on the keywords you want to get data on.

Or you can press CTRL+A to select all.

11. Next you will press “Get Competition” this will give you the amount of sites that are currently optimized in the search engines for that particular keyword.

It make take awhile to pull the data from Google, so just sit back and wait for the results.

12. Now you have data on your competition, be sure to sort by competition. Anything under 6,000 means it is easy to rank for, see screenshot below:

This means that less than 6,000 websites are optimized for that keyword! This is easy Pickens compared to 1,000,000.

13. Now we want to create filter, that weeds these 6,000 and below keywords out. Simply click “filter” and set competition like so:

Then click “Apply Filter” at the top.

14. Save keywords by selecting the button at the top. It will save it as a .txt (notepad) file, save it on your desktop for easy reference.

15. Return back to “Google Keyword Tool” and copy & paste the keywords you just filtered from “Keyword Corral”.

Make sure you filter your Google keyword results to “Don’t show ideas”:


This way you only have results for the keywords you identified with low competition.

16. Now these are the results that we come up with and their looking pretty good!

As you can see these low competition keywords are getting TONS of traffic and barely anyone is optimizing for them! That means you can go in and gobble up some of that traffic from Google!

I would generally choose the first 5 keywords, so in this example I would choose:

Keywords Searches per month

Forex systems 33,100

Currency trade 27,100

Foreign currency trading 22,200

Forex free trading 18,100

Currency exchange trading 12,100

That’s over 112,600 searches per month, if you’re able to capture just half of that traffic; that’s over 60,000 visitors per month! It won’t be hard either since we’ve identified these keywords as having low competition.

17. Now you would simply build links around those keywords with low competition to get easy rankings in the search engines!

I hope I didn’t confuse you up there!

The only thing you have to do to rank for those keywords is build links with those keywords as anchor text. Anchor text is the clickable text that leads a person to your website!

For example the text link below links to Google with the anchor text Google Search –

Google Search

The HTML code is:

<a href=””>Google</a>

Look out for Search Engine Optimisation – Secrets of SEO Part 3.


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