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Thinking Of Giving Up Your Online Business…?

June 12, 2013


Have you ever felt like giving up your attempts at online marketing? Not because of the frustrations you experience in dealing with the “techy” stuff or because you’re not making enough or any money from your business. But because of the external pressures like: * Dealing with your day job * Day to day demands […]

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Thanksgiving But No Thanks

November 24, 2012


Each day in my role as Customer Support Manager I attend to questions and queries of a varied nature. They can be sad, humorous, melancholic; in fact I can go through a whole gamut of experiences in one day. One email yesterday, consisting of only 20 words, made me laugh out loud and raised a […]

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Are You Trying To Be Creative In Your Business?

August 18, 2012


My very first job after dropping out of school was in the theatre. I was the student assistant stage manager, at the time when the title was no longer officially recognised. For the director, I was cheap labour. Of course I didn’t know my title was meaningless. I was happy to be working in the […]

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Secrets To Managing Your Time

July 27, 2012


Actually, there are so few secrets nowadays because of our access to the Internet that you’re probably wondering what amazing revelation I’m about to┬áreveal. But if we have such ease of access to this “secret”, why is it that so many people complain that they can never finish any task. And this isn’t restricted to […]

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If You Are Working Online From Home, What Do You Earn?

June 2, 2012


Many people view the opportunity to work online from home as a way to earn cash. There are a large percentage of those individuals who consider that by simply throwing up a website that they will be made for life. That this will be the lifeline to escape the drudgery, their lack of money and […]

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