Thanksgiving But No Thanks

November 24, 2012


Each day in my role as Customer Support Manager I attend to questions and queries of a varied nature.

They can be sad, humorous, melancholic; in fact I can go through a whole gamut of experiences in one day.

One email yesterday, consisting of only 20 words, made me laugh out loud and raised a number of questions for me.

You may not agree with my sentiments and that’s fine, but it kept coming back to me during the evening and I considered it worth sharing.

As you will know, Thursday 22nd November was Thanksgiving Day in the US.

Along with many other marketers, one of my clients sent out an email to his subscribers wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, whether they celebrated it or not.

As a Brit we don’t have an equivalent day of celebration. Although personally I’m not much of a celebratory person. Even birthdays and the festive season can pass me by. But each to their own.

What was unusual about this email was that there wasn’t a link to be clicked.

Just a friendly email, as if you were talking to friends.

There were many replies but here’s the response that prompted my reaction….



You’ll notice the person shouting (capital letters).

This person always does, even in response to blog posts.

In this particular context, I did think it came over as being aggressive.

If it hasn’t tickled your fancy yet, then maybe you are in agreement with this person’s sentiments.

But my question is, if he is enjoying his national holiday with his family, why is he opening and reading his emails?

No-one forced him to do so.

And why did he think a sentiment of “Happy Thanksgiving” is being inconsiderate?

If I was that way inclined, I could sometimes despair of the human nature.

Fortunately my calm and placid nature allows me to keep things in perspective.

I also like to find humour in situations.

And this response kept me smiling for quite some time.

What about you?

Did it tickle your fancy or were you offended by all those emails on Thursday?

If you didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving but have a similar holiday in your country, how would you have reacted to receiving a similar mail?

Share your thoughts below…as I ignore my upcoming birthday in 12 days time 🙂



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