Many years ago I sat down at my table, which was situated in the bay window of my flat overlooking the tree lined avenue below.

On the table in front of me was an old Remington typewriter given to me by my grandfather.

A blank sheet of paper sat upright in the typewriter waiting for “The Novel”.

The piece of paper sat there for many days until it drooped and no longer became fit to be used.

The inspiration that I had been waiting for never came.

In the naivety of my youth, that’s all I thought was needed – inspiration.

What was missing was a greater imagination or more life experience.

The imagination maybe developed over the years but what stimulated me to commit words to virtual paper was life experience.

In particular, a period of between 18 months and two years in which life experience grabbed me by the throat and demanded to be written.

Or maybe it was just a cathartic process to help cope with what had taken place.

It took some time to complete “The Novel” because each time I went back to edit and revise, the emotions were too strong for many, many months.

Eventually “Operation Semi Colon” was completed and is now available on Kindle.

Operation Semi Solon


It has been suggested that I should write a sequel.

It is true that subsequent events would make a great story but at the time of writing, I consider there is some unfinished business with recent life experiences and they are still too close for comfort.

We will see.

In the meantime, I am working on stories which will appeal to children.

Operation Semi Colon” is definitely adult reading.


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