How To Maximize Your Profits Using Private Label Rights

July 21, 2012

Private Label Rights

There is one particular type of product in the vast choice of private label rights that allows you to make the most profit from your investment and that is the eBook.

Unfortunately what tends to happen is that most marketers purchase a resell product from a PLR membership site and try to sell it, without making any changes whatsoever.

If they have any success in their marketing, the only income derived from the product is the sale.


Because any affiliate links inside the book are those of the author’s and they will be happily receiving payments through the marketing efforts of others

Becoming more popular with marketers are those products with virtually unlimited rights, allowing them to do whatever they want to the product before putting it on the market.

They can change the title, add new graphics, change the content, move it around, add new content, and remove content…

With only a little bit of work you can have a brand new product that is totally unrecognizable from the original and unlike any other product being sold.

It’s very rare, although there are some exceptions, that the original seller of the product with PLR is also the author.

The eBooks have been written by ghostwriters and, although there are some exceptional writers doing this type of work, the end result would not be Pulitzer award winning.

But their purpose isn’t to win awards but to satisfy the needs of those people who are looking for information.

And, provided the information is up-to-date, correct and satisfies these needs then your offer will be snapped up.

So let’s look a little more closely at what you can do to make your eBook unique and thereby help to maximize your profits.

Products being offered with private label rights may cover a niche topic in a very general sense. Identifying four or five sub topics or niches within the book, adding new material to each could result in either one extended book or four or five smaller books, which could be sold individually.

Adding a new ecover and graphics/illustrations inside the book will make it different to others in the marketplace.

Changing the title is a must and it doesn’t take a great deal of ingenuity to find a new title attractive to potential buyers. And of course, adding your own name is one small step in creating a unique product as well as helping your own personal branding.

There is an argument that products sold with private label rights encourages more and more eBooks with the same content but with only a different title. There is an element of truth to this point of view and it’s why you need to make the effort to stand out from the crowd.

Use PLR products as a springboard to develop your own unique brand of products and your customers will welcome new additions to your product empire.

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