Thinking Of Giving Up Your Online Business…?

June 12, 2013


The pressure cooker

Have you ever felt like giving up your attempts at online marketing?

Not because of the frustrations you experience in dealing with the “techy” stuff or because you’re not making enough or any money from your business.

But because of the external pressures like:

* Dealing with your day job

* Day to day demands of your family

* Negative influences from family and/or friends

The last example is possibly the most difficult to deal with as you kind of expect support, especially from family.

When the support is not there and every business action is questioned, it’s so easy to think, “Maybe I should stop“.

It would be the easiest thing to do, wouldn’t it?

Turn your back and walk away.

The frustrations would disappear as easily as snapping your fingers.

Concentrate on your day job, your family, your hobbies and “get your life back“.

But you know what would happen?

You would very soon start to feel frustrated again, only this time it wouldn’t be because of your job or your family, friends or hobbies.

The frustration would be because you didn’t see this online business through to success.

You didn’t complete what you started.

You knew that you were so close to putting it all together but you stopped at the crucial moment.

And your frustration grows and turns into resentment.

Resentment against those who “made” you turn your back on your business.

Until you lose all clarity of thought and action and your whole life starts a downward spiral.

Our emotions affect our thinking, our ability to reason and rationalise.

Emotions should not be a part of our business. But our emotions will override everything we do, if we don’t have a clear plan for our business.

Without a clear plan, there cannot be a clear action.

No clear action results in frustration and the cycle continues.

If you are getting nowhere in your business…


Stop and assess, what is your business model?

What steps do you need to take to build that model?

If it’s based on someone else’s success (a great model, by the way), are you implementing EVERY single step to replicate that success?

Do you have a daily action plan that takes you one step closer to success?

Sure, there will be times when you have to put your business on hold or allow it to tick over.

Major events happen in our lives and we have to address them.

But when you have a clear plan of action, it’s so much easier to pick up where you left off.

If you are drifting from one thing to another in your business; if you are trying to create a business without guidance…


Take time out and plan your business.

Those tiresome pressures I mentioned earlier will quickly start to fade away.

With a clear path and a clear goal, nothing will stand in your way.

Let me know your thoughts 😉



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