Is Using PLR In Your Business Too Much Work?

August 11, 2012

Private Label Rights

PLRFirst, let’s establish what is PLR (private label rights).

All different types of products, whether they be eBooks, reports, graphics, software, videos, can be found with PLR.

Depending on the small print of the licence, you can usually do what you want with the product. The one major exception usually is that you cannot re-sell the Private Label Rights to someone else.

Despite the title of this post, using PLR as the basis for your own product can save you a lot of time in terms of the amount of work you do.

BUT…to have any chance of success with PLR, you will need to do some work.

The fact that many people who buy PLR products never do anything with it, can be a massive advantage for those of you who are action takers.

Because your potential competition have just removed themselves by their own inertia.

But what work is involved?

If you want to be really lazy but still have a unique product using PLR, simply outsource the whole process.

* Hire a graphic designer to create a new minisite and ecovers.

* Hire a copywriter to create new sales copy.

* Hire a writer to re-work the source file of the original product.

* Heck, you could even hire someone to upload the whole thing to your website.

You’ll still need to market it and if you think that’s too much work, maybe you’re in the wrong business!!

Unless you are a graphic designer and/or a copywriter, I’d definitely recommend outsourcing those tasks anyway.

But re-writing the product you can definitely do yourself.

I’ve seen many products that have only had a new introduction and a new summary and the product sold well.

But to make it unique doesn’t require a great deal more work.

Find some articles related to the subject matter, re-write them and add them into your main product.

I assure you that no other person will choose the same articles, or if they do they won’t re-write them exactly like yours. And they certainly won’t be adding them in the same place as you have done.

So now you have a unique product created from private label rights.

Click here to watch three short videos showing you how to get started in the whole process.

At the end of the third video, discover three different income plans that you can use to profit using private label rights content.



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